<p>The <a href="/pages/w/129247070450739">Gimnasia y Esgrima de Buenos Aires</a> stadium (mostly known as "Estadio GEBA") is a multi-use <a href="/pages/w/112151772129899">stadium</a> in the <a href="/pages/w/130665326972046">Palermo</a> district of <a href="/pages/w/103488763016714">Buenos Aires</a>, <a href="/pages/w/103129156394545">Argentina</a>. It was the home ground of the <a href="/pages/w/108501195841933">association football</a> and <a href="/pages/w/108297699194258">rugby union</a> teams of the club and was the stadium where all games of the <a href="/pages/w/140777959282721">first Copa America</a> (held in Buenos Aires in 1916) were played. Legendary team <a href="/pages/w/104072109628627">Alumni</a> played its last official game (the <a href="/pages/w/127061410669783">1911 championship playoff</a> vs. <a href="/pages/w/165516443539811">PorteƱo</a>) at Gimnasia y Esgrima before being dissolved that same year.</p><p>The stadium is located on the "Sede Jorge Newbery", one of the three facilities of the club. Its current capacity is 12,000 spectators.</p><p>In <a href="/pages/w/108297699194258">rugby union</a>, it was a frequent home venue for the <a href="/pages/w/109249215760926">Argentina national team</a> through the 1960s, but hosted only three matches after that decade, as the Pumas started using larger stadiums; the Pumas' last match at the ground was in 1993.</p><p>Nowadays the stadium is mostly used for music concerts.</p><h2>Music concerts</h2><p>The club usually rents two of its facilities for concerts and events, being the Jorge Newbery facility the most used for those purposes. Many international artists touring on Argentina have played at Estadio GEBA. A list of artists performing there includes:</p>

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