The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities.

World Music Wednesday Wednesday, March 5, 2014 ♦ 8:00 PM 4544 N Lincoln Avenue Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall Box Office: 773.728.6000 Tickets: FREE! ($10 suggested donation) iMusicalia iMusicalia is an award winning troupe of traditional musicians and singers from the Campania mountain region of Italy, near Naples. Led by folklorist brothers Amerigo and Marcello Ciervo, the band was formed nearly 30 years ago, has released more than 10 albums and performed all over the world. Taking root in the Italian Renaissance, their music is redolent of Italian folk melodies and even some Middle Eastern sounding elements as well. Maria Nezhdanova Maria Nezhdanova or Masha , as her school friends call her, is a 13 year old girl from Sochi, Russia. She has an incredible voice full of warmth and purity, which helps her perform Russian and Ukrainian Folk songs masterfully. She manages to create a vivid image of every song she performs with her picturesque costumes, her manner of singing and folk dance.

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Old Town School of Folk Music

Old Town School of Folk Music

4544 N. Lincoln Ave., 60625, Chicago, United States

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