The Old Town School of Folk Music teaches and celebrates music and cultural expressions rooted in the traditions of diverse American and global communities.

The Greenleaf Band plays a unique blend of folk, pop, bluegrass, and country. Band members Arielle Bess Luckmann, Paul Larson, Amberlee Sheehan and Scott Bakshis perform original music, with a style that the Chicago Tribune said couples “lovely vocal harmonies with real-deal pickin' and pluckin', to irresistible effect." Trading off on various instruments, including guitar, mandolin, fiddle, and a little drumming for spice, the band offers distinctive music that is fun, engaging, and energetic. Arielle has been teaching kids fiddle, art and Wiggleworms for the past few years at The Old Town School, and you may have even seen her dancing on a bus stop this summer! In addition to The Greenleaf Band, Arielle plays with Jonas Friddle and The Majority. Sign up for the 8:30 PM open mic starts at 8:00 PM. Stop in and get your name on the list.

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Old Town School of Folk Music

Old Town School of Folk Music

4544 N. Lincoln Ave., 60625, Chicago, United States


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